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Our Purpose

We believe that carbon emissions trading schemes, credits, and offsets are part of the solution to the risks posed by climate change. While the overall goal must be to reduce absolute emissions, these schemes, if properly administered, offer an important stepping stone to a more sustainable future.

Access to the appropriate scheme can be difficult and expensive. Our mission is to make access to high quality schemes cheaper and easier, to allow more businesses to participate, more efficiently.

We do this by providing liquidity for exchange cleared futures and options for the European Cap and Trade scheme (ETS), allowing businesses to transact more directly with the market, cutting out unnecessary intermediation costs.

For those that are not required to participate in a cap and trade scheme, we are working on high quality offset solutions with straightforward implementation.

What makes us different

We can bring together an unparalleled combination of small size and expertise. This allows us to address a range of carbon trading requirements in three key ways

  • personal
  • knowledgeable
  • cost-effective
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Tight Knit Team

Involved in the ETS options market since inception


Over 80 years combined experience in the team

Market Access

Access to the most active liquidity provider with proven risk management expertise

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Available during European and US hours

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If you think we can help and would like to discuss more, get in touch and we’ll explore your options.

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